FAQs / Policies

Can I use this cup/ mug in the microwave and dishwasher?

If your piece is free of all gold and resin encasements and trinkets it is fine in the microwave and dishwasher. If your piece has resin encasement and/or gold: No, my pieces are not microwave or dishwasher because of the encasements and the gold and pearl lusters. All cups and mugs ARE hot/ cold liquid safe, so you can drink your coffee, tea, soup, etc. out of them. They are also not safe to freeze or allow to get below freezing temperatures. Because of this, I do not recommend ice being used inside the piece.


Where do your butterflies and insects and skulls come from?

All creatures are ethically sourced! I do not harm any creatures to make my pieces! The insects come from farms across the world where they live out their natural lifecycle before being recycled into Kelsey's Starstuff. My skulls are ethically sourced and are not killed for their bones.


Do you accept custom orders?

Unfortunately, I am unable to except custom orders at this time due to high demand for pieces. 


How do I take care of my resin encased piece of pottery?

If your piece has resin and/or gold: To take care of your encased piece of pottery, please do not microwave or put in the dishwasher. Wash with warm soapy water. Do not allow your item to freeze, this will cause the resin to separate from the porcelain. You can, however, still enjoy very hot and mildly cold liquids from the piece.


What happens if my piece arrives broken or damaged?

This rarely happens, but if it does please take pictures of the package and the damaged piece immediately. Please contact me immediately via email kelseysstarstuff@gmail.com with photos. I will always refund you if your item arrived to you damaged so long as you provide photos.


How can I order a piece?

I will announce my most recent update via Instagram and email subscriber list prior to the release. I release work once or twice a month. The pieces tend to sell out very quickly, so it is best to be on my shop page at the exact time of the release. I will show previews of the pieces I will be releasing the week leading up to the update on my Instagram page. @KelseysStarstuff


Do you do reserves?

I do not do reserves (except under special circumstances) to allow every person a fair chance at getting the piece they want.


Wholesale availability

I do not do wholesale at this time.


What are the prices of your pieces and why?

My mugs range from $50-$300+ depending on glazing, luster, encasements, and size. Vases, platters, and other specialty pieces may be higher. Occasionally I will have some pieces under $50 listed as well. These pieces take me many, many, many hours to create and I use high quality materials for each one. Every piece is made with so much love and magick and energy, these are things I value very highly, therefore the pieces are priced accordingly.


Can you combine shipping on more than one item?

Unfortunately I can not because each piece must be wrapped and packaged separately to ensure it gets to you safely. If I feel the items are okay to be packed together I will do so and refund any extra for shipping charges, but typically they are safer to be shipped separately.