Dark Matter and Deep Seas

The surface of these pieces has me deep in the depths of mind and consciousness reminded of the mysterious and unknown dark matter which makes up a majority of our universe. I then thought of a connection between the dark matter and mysterious nature of the deepest depths of the ocean. We know very little about both leaving the details unknown, but there is much room for imagination. I find myself submerged thousands of feet below in darkness with little specks of light penetrating the darkness like stars. Floating in between the vastness of space and deepest of the waters here on earth. Little light above and little light below leaving the rest ambiguous... again a connection is forged between the relationship of sea and sky and the two forces we find ourselves in daily- between consciousness and physicality- the mind and the matter. We float in the middle, sometimes plunging forward into the physical and sometimes scattering backward into the mind. I find myself often making the choice to go deeper into the unknown or to stay close to the surface so I can see the stars.


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